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3 Essential Types Of Ethernet Controller

Ethernet is a shared medium fixed in hardware and software devices. It is used for creating a Local Area network. Ethernet is the technique that most computers use to connect with one another, and this is how computers associated with the internet. Usually, the ethernet technology functions with the fiber optic cables within a gap of 10km. The ethernet cable connects from the network interface card of the computer to the central switch or hub. The ethernet networking forms a communication system that provides the sharing of data and resources, including scanners, printing machines, and fax machines.

There are various types of Ethernet networks, the most important types are:

1.Fast Ethernet

The fast ethernet is a kind of ethernet that can transmit data at a speed of 100 Mbps utilizing a twisted-pair wire or fiber-optic cable. The older ethernet does not provide the required transmission capacity for network-based video applications.

2.Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet network is the current generation’s ethernet network. It is also a kind of ethernet network that transfers statistics at a range of 1000 Mbps based on twisted-pair or fiber-optic networks. The Gigabit ethernet is a very renowned network. The Cat 5e cable is a type of twisted-pair cables that supports Gigabit ethernet.

3.Switch Ethernet

Multiple network machines in a LAN need network device like a network switch or hub. A standard network is used when you are using a network switch. The Switch Ethernet works by transferring data from one device to another on the same network. It functions very efficiently without affecting other devices.

Ethernet With The Efficient Wireless Technology

The great Ethernet networks can also be wireless without causing any troubles. It contains Ethernet control PCB, switches, hubs, and wireless NICs. It is more flexible and has configuring security. This ethernet connects the computers as NIC uses the radio waves and causes a two-way communication.