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What Are The Benefits, Applications And Challenges Of RFID?

RFID, or you can also say Radio Frequency Identification is an automated technology that helps devices and computers to automatically track and identify the tags, read those tags attached to the products, records the data, and manage individual targets via radio waves.  It is a small electronic device that contains a tiny chip and an antenna. Its function is almost similar to barcodes and ATM magnetic strips in which the tags are first captured by the machine and then stored in the database, but the RFID is more advanced as there is no need to place the object relative to the scanner. RFID reader utilizes Automatic Identification and Data capture technology.

Benefits of RFID

The latest advancements are to make the life of people easier and accessible, so RFID also has many benefits. Let’s discuss:

1.      It enhances service levels by adding flexibility and intelligence.

2.      You don’t have to wait longer to get the receipt of the object because of the integrated automatic receiving system.

3.      It provides exceptional features like taking care of the expiry date, automatically adding the missing files, inventory and returns control, and accelerated checkout.

4.      Without any eye-contact, it grants you to check shelves, boxes, and pallets.

5.      RFID minimizes the rate of errors during delivery, as well as lessens the total cycle time.

6.      Instead of processing one barcode at a time, it provides excellent reading speed and goes through multiple tags.

7.      Even with high security, the monitoring of all logistics operations is effortless.

8.      It allows excellent activity with high speed in locating items.

9.      It helps in avoiding any alterations or damages in the recording of unique codes.

10.  Even with very few operators, it is elementary to manage products and materials with RFID.


The RFID is applicable in all types of industries. Let’s look upon some uses of it:

1.      It is helpful in tracking the activity and health of farm animals and makes sure if they are consuming the right diet.  

2.      RFID has made the security of jewelry much more accessible. You can track the jewelry from the industry to the store very conveniently.

3.      It is used to track destructive weapons and soldier’s movement.

4.      It supports larger warehouse management systems good productivity in the supply chain management.


Though it is a beneficial device ever discovered but with every greater product, there come some challenges. There are very few drawbacks, like the RFID is an expensive device. Another challenging factor is it doesn’t go well with metals and liquids.