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One-Stop Service Custom Flexible PCB Board

  • One-Stop Service Custom Flexible PCB Board

SMT Lines 7 Lines
Capacity  8 Million Placements Per Day 
Max Board Size  680*550mm  Smallest:0.25"*0.25"
Min Components size  0201-54 sq.mm (0.084 sq.inch),Long Connector,CSP,BGA,QFP
Speed  0.15sec/chip, 0.7sec/QFP
Wave-Solder  Max.PCB Width:450mm
Min.PCB Width:unlimited
Components Height:Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Sweat-Solder  Metal Types:Part,Whole,Inlay,Side-step
Metal Material:Copper,Aluminum
Surface Finish:Plating Au,Plating Silver,Plating Sn
Air Bladder Rate:less than 20%
Press-fit  Press Range:0-50KN
Max.PCB Size:800*600mm
Assembly Types  SMT and Thru-hole 
Solder Type  Water Soluble Solder Paste,Leaded and Lead-Free
File Formats  Bill of Materials ,Gerber Files,Pick-N-Place Files(XYRS)
Type of Service Turn-Key,Partial Turn-Kye or Consignment
Component Packaging  Cut Tape,Tube Reels Loose,Parts
Turn Time 1-15days
Testing  XRAY Inspection,AOI Testing ICT,Flying Probe,Burn-in,Function Test